If we could forgive Ian Smith, why can we not work with Mujuru?

A week ago I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, who in my eyes seemed to be doing quite well for himself. I was shocked to learn that he was planning to relocate to some foreign country in the near future. Even though his business was relatively successful, putting food on the table, he could not imagine the economy recovering any time soon in the hands of Zanu PF. He bemoaned that it was becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet. With the current cash shortages and the re-introduction of a Zimbabwean currency under some dubious name, rest assured that many people share my friend’s gloomy economic outlook. It does not require a highly imaginative or intellectual mind to see where Zimbabwe is heading. I foresee the country plunging into an economic crisis, an economic crisis even deeper than the one we experienced in the year 2008.

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2018 it’s do or die, the opposition must unite or perish.

If only we had time I would have attempted to play with words and deliver the very same message in a more respectful manner just as my culture demands, but unfortunately time is so desperately working against us.

Dear reader, do not be unnerved that I have included you in “us”. I know you have your reservations when it comes to the opposition but I know deep down, you too are seeking change and yearning for a better Zimbabwe. Now listen carefully, it is our responsibility to exchange notes, try and map a way forward for our country and give advice to our esteemed leaders before it is too late. They seem to be enjoying their time in the opposition, basking in their yesteryear glory but our country cannot endure another Zanu PF government in 2018. The regime is enjoying watching us waste valuable time hurling insults at one another. It should be common knowledge by now that competing against ourselves is meaningless; there is no honour in being the biggest opposition party, any form of defeat by Zanu PF in 2018 is unacceptable. Continue reading